Dissecting BARK

5 minute read

Things started to get stale after the ubiquitous switch to Neural Text-to-Speech. A long-awaited leap forward was introduced thanks to ideas from the blossom...

Zero-shot speech generation benchmark

3 minute read

Synthesizing speech with a speaker identity not seen during training presents a significant challenge. Traditionally, achieving this required extensive train...

Українська мова в Balacoon

1 minute read

Швидкий, зручний та якісний нейромережевий синтез українського мовлення тепер в Balacoon. Інтеграція бібліотеки синтезу ще ніколи не була такою простою: Pyth...

Balacoon TTS on-device

3 minute read

Neural text-to-speech brought unprecedented improvements in the naturalness of synthetic speech. But it came with a cost. While parametric and concatenative ...

Balacoon TTS as a service

2 minute read

In recent years, text-to-speech technology has made tremendous strides, thanks in large part to advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. As ...

Balacoon TTS version 0.1.0

2 minute read

We’re excited to announce the release of Balacoon TTS 0.1.0, the latest version of our text-to-speech package. This new version includes two major updates th...

Balacoon phonemeset

5 minute read

Text-to-speech assumes the implicit or explicit conversion of input text into a sequence of sounds to be pronounced. Defining a set of all possible sounds (o...

en-US abbreviation detection

10 minute read

Detecting abbreviations is crucial for proper text normalization and subsequent pronunciation generation. In broad terms, “abbreviation” means shortening, co...

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