Balacoon is a set of tools and resources for Text-to-Speech (TTS). We focus on developing easy-to-use packages with minimal dependencies and pre-packed models for production or research. There are three main directions we look into:

  • Speech synthesis solution that you can plug into your work when you need artificial speech. Balacoon can replace costly cloud services or be an off-the-shelf starting point in your project.
  • TTS building blocks that might be helpful in data processing for your research. For example, you can rely on Balacoon text analysis while developing speech synthesis models. It can save time, enhance reproducibility and simplify the workflow.
  • Disruptive technologies that aim to introduce new use cases and applications for speech generation. To keep a competetive advantage, we provide them as services.

To get help or provide feedback, join Balacoon Slack.

All the artifacts you can find around here (packages, models, containers) are distributed with MIT license.