Revoice: Change your voice

Sound like anyone with Revoice. Change your voice in audio messages or social media reels. Select the target voice from a preset library with hundreds of celebrities.

Sound like anyone

Our voice-changing technology allows you to mimic anyone. Play with your intonation and record in a quiet environment to get better results.

Library of voices

Select how you want to sound like, browsing the library with hundreds of celebrities.

Custom voice

If you need a custom target voice, upload a 10-second snippet of someone speaking. Parody your friends, relatives, and loved ones.

Audio messages

Share the converted speech via messenger (Whatsapp/Telegram/Facebook), and it will appear as an audio message from you.


Convert the speech within a video to create engaging social media reels.

One-time purchases

Choose from 10, 50, or 200 conversions for a one-time consumable purchase, perfect for users who want to give it a solid try without obligations.

Unlimited access

Embrace endless possibilities with the "Revoice Full Access" subscription. Enjoy unlimited conversions with a monthly auto-renewable plan. Subscribe for non-stop fun and cancel anytime through your Apple ID settings.