Source code for learn_to_pronounce.resources

Provides interface to resource directory with pronunciation lexicon:
learn_to_pronounce interacts with data via resource provider.

Abstract resource provider defines methods which are used during
learning pronunciation:

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Basic implementation of resource provider:

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If custom resource directory is used, one can implement their own provider
and put it to resource directory. if with CustomProvider
class is available in resource directory, it will be used to access the data.
for reference.

import importlib.util
import logging
import os
import types

from learn_to_pronounce.resources.provider import AbstractProvider, DefaultProvider

def _get_module_from_file(
    path: str, module_name: str = "custom_provider"
) -> types.ModuleType:
    Helper function to load python model from a file

    path: str
        path to a source file to load module form
    module_name: str
        Name for the module being loaded

    module: types.ModuleType
        module loaded from specific source file
    spec = importlib.util.spec_from_file_location(module_name, path)
    module = importlib.util.module_from_spec(spec)
    return module

[docs]def get_provider(resources_dir: str) -> AbstractProvider: """ Creates a resource provider for the given resource directory. If resource directory contains file `` with class "CustomProvider" defined inside, it will be used to load the data. Otherwise "DefaultProvider" will be used. "CustomProvider" should implement methods from "AbstractProvider". Parameters ---------- resources_dir: str Directory with resources: lexicon, spelling_lexicon, etc Returns ------- provider: AbstractProvider resource provider, object that implements methods of AbstractProvider, which allow to load data from resource directory for pronunciation learning. """ resource_provider = None custom_provider_path = os.path.join(resources_dir, "") if os.path.isfile(custom_provider_path): "Trying to use custom resource provider for [{}]".format(resources_dir) ) try: custom_provider_module = _get_module_from_file(custom_provider_path) resource_provider = custom_provider_module.CustomProvider(resources_dir) except AttributeError: logging.warning( "Couldn't load `CustomProvider` from [{}]. Using default.".format( custom_provider_path ) ) if resource_provider is None: resource_provider = DefaultProvider(resources_dir) return resource_provider