Source code for learn_to_pronounce.phonetics.arpabet_convertor

Copyright 2022 Balacoon

Convertor from ARPABet to IPA or X-SAMPA
TODO: Move conversion between phoneme sets to pronunciation_generation package

from typing import List

[docs]class ARPAbetConvertor: """ Converts ARPAbet (phonemeset of CMUDict) to more universal IPA or X-SAMPA. X-SAMPA - is unicode-friendly version of IPA (international pronunciation alphabet). ARPAbet: IPA: X-SAMPA: Conversion notes:, One modification to IPA/XSAMPA notation: stress marks are put just before vowel, not before syllable. That helps to treat stressed/unstressed vowels as separate phonemes for g2p training/forced alignment purposes """
[docs] def __init__(self): # # # exceptions from self._arpa2ipa = { "AA": ["ɑ:"], "AE": ["æ"], "AH0": ["ə"], "AH2": ["ə"], "AH1": ["ʌ"], "AO": ["ɔ"], "AW": ["a", "ʊ̯"], "AY": ["a", "ɪ̯"], "B": ["b"], "CH": ["t", "ʃ"], "D": ["d"], "DH": ["ð"], "EH": ["ɛ"], "ER0": ["ɚ"], "ER": ["ɝ:"], "EY": ["e", "ɪ̯"], "F": ["f"], "G": ["ɡ"], "HH": ["h"], "IH": ["ɪ"], "IY": ["i:"], "JH": ["d", "ʒ"], "K": ["k"], "L": ["l"], "M": ["m"], "N": ["n"], "NG": ["ŋ"], "OW": ["o", "ʊ̯"], "OY": ["ɔ", "ɪ̯"], "P": ["p"], "R": ["ɹ"], "S": ["s"], "SH": ["ʃ"], "T": ["t"], "TH": ["θ"], "UH": ["ʊ"], "UW": ["u:"], "V": ["v"], "W": ["w"], "Y": ["j"], "Z": ["z"], "ZH": ["ʒ"], "<eps>": ["<eps>"], } self._arpa2ipa_stress = {"0": "", "1": "ˈ", "2": "ˌ"} # self._ipa2xsampa = { "ɑ": "A", "ɪ̯": "I", "æ": "{", "ʌ": "V", "ə": "@", "ɔ": "O", "a": "a", "ʊ̯": "U", "ɪ": "I", "b": "b", "t": "t", "ʃ": "S", "d": "d", "ð": "D", "ɛ": "E", "ɚ": "@`", "ɝ": "@`", "e": "e", "f": "f", "ɡ": "g", "h": "h", "i": "i", "ʒ": "Z", "k": "k", "l": "l", "m": "m", "n": "n", "ŋ": "N", "o": "o", "p": "p", "ɹ": "r\\", "s": "s", "θ": "T", "u": "u", "ʊ": "U", "v": "v", "w": "w", "j": "j", "z": "z", "<eps>": "<eps>", } self._ipa2xsampa_stress = {"ˈ": '"', "ˌ": "%"}
def arpa2ipa(self, arpa_phonemes: List[str]) -> List[str]: ipa_phonemes = [] for x in arpa_phonemes: # check if its already there without removing a stress ipa_x = self._arpa2ipa.get(x, None) # convert stress to ipa if any ipa_stress = "" if x[-1].isdigit(): ipa_stress = self._arpa2ipa_stress[x[-1]] x = x[:-1] # if ipa phoneme was not found, look up for phoneme without stress (should be there) if ipa_x is None: assert ( x in self._arpa2ipa ), "Cant find [{}] in ARPAbet to IPA mapping".format(x) ipa_x = self._arpa2ipa[x] # add ipa version of stress ipa_x = list(ipa_x) ipa_x[0] = ipa_stress + ipa_x[0] ipa_phonemes.extend(ipa_x) return ipa_phonemes @staticmethod def is_ascii(s): return all(ord(c) < 128 for c in s) def ipa2xsampa(self, ipa_phonemes: List[str]) -> List[str]: xsampa_phonemes = [] for x in ipa_phonemes: # convert stress if any xsampa_stress = "" if x[0] in self._ipa2xsampa_stress: xsampa_stress = self._ipa2xsampa_stress[x[0]] x = x[1:] # transfer prolongation xsampa_prolongation = "" if x[-1] == ":": xsampa_prolongation = ":" x = x[:-1] # convert ipa to xsampa assert ( x in self._ipa2xsampa ), "Cant find [{}] in IPA to X-SAMPA mapping".format(x) xsampa_x = xsampa_stress + self._ipa2xsampa[x] + xsampa_prolongation assert self.is_ascii(xsampa_x), "X-SAMPA phoneme is non-ASCII: {}".format( xsampa_x ) xsampa_phonemes.append(xsampa_x) return xsampa_phonemes def arpa2xsampa(self, arpa_phonemes: List[str]) -> List[str]: ipa_phonemes = self.arpa2ipa(arpa_phonemes) return self.ipa2xsampa(ipa_phonemes)