class en_us_normalization.production.verbalize.FractionFst(cardinal: Optional[CardinalFst] = None, ordinal: Optional[OrdinalFst] = None)[source]

Finite state transducer for verbalizing fraction. Fraction consists of integer part, numerator and denominator. To expand integer part and numerator - cardinal transducer is reused. For denominator of the fraction however - ordinal transducer is needed.

There are few exception, when fraction (both numerator and denominator) is expanded as one word (for ex. 1/2 -> half)

Also some denominators (2, 3, 4) require custom expansion (halves, thirds, quarters).

When either numerator or denominator are “1” - this is also a special cases that has to be handled explicitly.

Examples of input/output strings:

  • fraction|integer_part:23|numerator:4|denominator:5| -> twenty three and four fifths

__init__(cardinal: Optional[CardinalFst] = None, ordinal: Optional[OrdinalFst] = None)[source]

helper function that returns the whole fraction verbalization graph without token name deletion. this is needed if the whole fraction graph is reused in another semiotic class (for ex. measure)